Bison Facts

American Bison were the Plains Indians primary food source and once numbered in the tens of millions. Indiscriminate slaughter and market hunting rendered bison nearly extinct by 1900. Today there are over 320,000 bison with about 300,000 being raised on private ranches.

Advantages of bison over beef and chicken.

A rich, beef-like taste with low cholesterol makes bison a perfect beef substitute for the health-conscious, or those on restricted red meat diets. In fact, bison has less cholesterol than chicken with the skin removed!

Important differences when compared to beef include:

  1. 72% to 92% less fat (depending upon the cut of the meat.)
  2. An average if 50% less cholesterol.
  3. 30% higher in protein and less calories.
  4. No growth-inducing hormones or steroids.
  5. No know human allergies.
Nutritional Value of Bison
3 oz. serving Calories Fat Cholesterol
Bison 93 1.8 g 43 mg.
Turkey 125 3.0 g 59 mg.
Beef 183 8.7 g 55 mg.
Chicken 140 3.0 g 73 mg.
Fish 125 3.0 g 59 mg.